Monarch's Velvet Potentilla

Rich in color and flower production, this super perennial provides lots of flowers with heart shaped raspberry petals and deep red centers for most of the summer. The plant forms an attractive mound of strawberry like foliage. Plants grow 24'' tall and 18'' wide.


Raspberry Surprise Dianthus

Raspberry Surprises baby pink flowers open to reveal a contrasting dark raspberry eye. The 2” flowers are nicely fragrant and cover the plants in early summer, often follwed by a rebloom later. The plants grow 10-12” tall and wide making them great for sunny smaller gardens and containers. Zones 5-9


Black Jewel Raspberry

Start off your raspberry season with this top quality variety. An improved slection over Bristol, Jewel plants are vigorous, productive, winter hardy and more disease resistant than other black varieties. The large, glossy-black berries ripen in late June. Zones 4-8.


Black Hawk Raspberry

The Black Hawk is the best and most productive black raspberry. Berries are large and firm and measure 3/4'' across! Sweet, richly flavored and do not crumble.Plant 3' apart in rows 6' apart in good, well-drained garden soil. Plan on about 6 plants per person. For canning or freezing, plant more. 


Cumberland Raspberry

Cumberland Raspberries are our largest and most popular mid-season raspberry. Berries are firm and delicious. Plant a raspberry patch this year. They are so easy to grow; they produce so much fruit in so little space. Nothing compares with fresh raspberry pies and jam!Plant 3' apart in rows 6' apart in good, well-drained garden soil. Plan on about 6 plants per person. For canning or freezing, plant more.


Dundee Black Raspberry

Pick black raspberries by the bucketful! Wonderfully sweet right from the vine. Enjoy black raspberries and cream, pies, shortcakes and muffins. Plant 3' apart in rows 6' apart in good, well-drained garden soil. Plan on about 6 plants per person. For canning or freezing, plant more.Dundee extends the black raspberry season as it ripens later than Bristol. Its quality is superb and the vigorous, productive plants will give you berries by the hundreds. Virus-Free.


Fallred Raspberry

Produces a good June-July crop on over-wintered canes. In mid-August bears abundantly on canes from current season's growth and continues until freeze-up. Number one plants. Zones 3-8.


Brandywine Raspberry

Very large! Brandywine will delight berry lovers. Large, firm, fine quality berries of wine-red, purple color. Their delicious flavor will not fade in canning or freezing, so don't eat them all off the vine. Number one plants.


Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

Gorgeous purple and raspberry-pink flower clusters set these plants off in your shade garden. Imagine brightening up your hosta gardens with this attractive plant! Leaves are dark green with silver spots. Grows only 12'' high and 24'' wide. Spreads slowly over time. Can tolerate morning sun. Prefers not to be dry. Zones 3-9.


Raspberry Special

Collection includes 3 each of Jewel and Latham raspberries. 6 plants in all!


Black Raspberry Collection

Collection includes equal quantities of Blackhawk, Cumberland and Dundee black raspberry varieties which give you a L-O-N-G bearing season.Each collection includes 9 plants.


Early to Late Raspberry Collection

Have raspberries all season long with this Early to Late Collection. Collection includes 3 each of Cumberland, Latham and Durham varieties. 9 plants total.


Yellow, Red & Black Raspberry Collection

Collection includes 3 each of Heritage, Fall Gold and Black Hawk raspberry varieties. 9 plants in all!


Red Raspberry Collection

One red raspberry collection includes 9 plants. 3 plants each of Durham, Latham and Heritage varieties.Two collections include 18 plants; 6 plants of each variety.


Colorful Raspberry Bargain

Includes 3 each of Logan (black), Latham (red), Brandywine (purple) and Fallgold (yellow) raspberry varieties. 12 total plants.